Teriyaki Madness

Asian Food



    Our food is addictive and our concept is fresh!

    We, along with our customers, crave our mouth-watering dishes so much that a state of Teriyaki Madness® occurs. Teriyaki Madness is the frenzy experienced by our raving fans who desire to have our big bowls of awesomeness daily. Some even dine at our teriyaki shops two to three times a day. Now that’s madness and we love it!


    We're here to help you find the perfect franchise fit. You'll get dedicated one-on-one time with one of our experts, who can help identify the right franchising opportunity for you. Provide some basic details about you, and we'll be in touch to suggest a tailored franchising approach!

    • Franchise Agreement - Initial Terms

      10 Years

    • Franchise Agreement - Renewal Terms

      10 Years

    • Franchised Outlets


    • Total Investment

      $270,699 - $596,850

    • Franchise Fee

      $45,000 - $99,000

    • Ongoing Fees

      Royalty 6% / Ad Fees 2%

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many franchise locations do they have? Teriyaki Madness had 33 locations at the end of 2016

    Do they provide any training? Classroom Training:  Yes. On The Job Training: Yes

    When did they begin franchising? 2005

    Do they use public figures to promote their franchise? No

    Do they have computer and technology support in place? Yes

    Do they have any lawsuits? Yes

    Do they provide discounts for buying more than one franchise? Yes

    Do they offer Territory Rights to you? Yes

    Will they refund the franchise fee under certain circumstances? No

    Do they offer Financing to help buy the franchise? No