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About Us

DFW Franchises provides a free franchise consulting service to individuals considering franchise ownership. We can help you find a franchise business that is your “Perfect Match.”

We will provide you with the industry’s most knowledgeable consultants to help you find and evaluate franchise options based on your business and personal goals.

Our Process

DFW Franchises knows that taking the leap into business ownership is a personal, important and sometimes difficult one. We’re here to be by your side and help you along the way. Our matching process is similar to working with an executive recruiter when looking for a new career. An executive recruiter tries to find the best fit in careers for you based on your experience, skills and personality.  There are many similarities to this and our process, as your consultant will use similar factors to find the best possible franchise for you.  The major difference though, is that instead of looking for a new job, you’ll be realizing your dream of business ownership!

You will work with one of our experienced franchise consultants. They will learn all about you – your background, skills and your goals for business ownership. They will draw on this information as they assist you through the franchise search process. They will help get your questions answered, and work closely with you to understand your needs and business goals as a prospective franchise owner.

Our franchise matching process involves four important steps:​

Our Consultants

DFW Franchise consultants are a select group of experienced franchise experts who are willing and able to utilize their understanding of the franchise industry to carefully aid in a candidate’s search for a franchise opportunity. Our franchise consultants are knowledgeable in both the franchisor and franchisee sides of the process.

Consulting Services

One of our experienced franchise consultants will guide you through the franchise search process, help answer your questions, and understand your needs and business goals as a prospective franchise owner.